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Next Move NHS Careers Event

Pupils from Levenshulme and Whalley Range enjoyed a careers event at Old Trafford, which showcased the variety of professions available in the NHS.

The day started off with an introduction from NHS staff highlighting the career paths and opportunities the NHS can provide. Pupils then visited 6 workshops which showcased the varying roles and pathways and had the chance to ask questions and gather information to help make an informed decision about their future.

Mr Williamson, MUFoundation said:

The event was a brilliant opportunity for the students to expand their knowledge and consider the incredible job opportunities in the NHS. I think the workshop the students enjoyed the most was when they were able to form strands of their very own DNA, it was incredible to watch.

Whalley Range students put together this article to highlight the event:

In partnership with the Manchester United Foundation, 10 students from Whalley Range attended Old Trafford for the NHS next move event. They took part in 6 functional work stations in which students learned about various careers within the NHS which included physiotherapy, where they learned how people who have suffered injuries involving their bones and muscles and how they help them get on with life and regain balance after their limb have healed. Another functional work station they took part in was Genealogy, the study of genetics also the role of a lab technician including how to handle various equipment used within a hospital. Also they would start after entering the NHS taking their GCSEs via apprenticeships.

This widened their knowledge of employment opportunities and all the pathways within the NHS. Also highlighting how they could get started and helping them decide what profession they could lead into, by giving students some resources, which contain lots of information on job roles and working in the NHS e.g. websites such as:

The students interacted and asked thoughtful questions regarding the event and pathways into the NHS, students found it fun, inspiring and education.

One student said:

I had an excellent opportunity to see many jobs and pathways into the NHS, it was very informative and fun.

Article by Mehak, Rashkan, Usrat and Tayyeba, student Careers Ambassadors.

Pupils from Whalley Range and Levenshulme at an NHS careers event at Old Trafford