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    Trust Curriculum Statement

    We are fully committed to providing a broad, balanced, inspiring and challenging curriculum for all our young people which equips them with high quality, relevant qualifications, skills, qualities and attributes to give them choices, a sense of ambition and able to make a positive contribution as a 21st century global citizen.

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    Curriculum Overview

    We are extremely proud of the broad and balanced curriculum we offer to all of our students. We are committed to building on the skills our students have previously learned to ensure all students make rapid progress.

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    Key Stage 3

    In year 7 – An exciting cross-curricular programme of theme based lessons which develop subject specific skills whilst enabling students to make connections and see the bigger picture.

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    Key Stage 4

    In Years 10 and 11, we offer a wide range of courses alongside our core curriculum of English, Maths, Science, RE and PE.

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    Key Stage 5

    At Post-16 we offer different pathways to suit the needs of all our students entering our Sixth Form.

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    Homework will be set regularly. Sometimes it will be the completion of work set online through school resources such as Frog.

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    Religious Education

    Religious Education (RE) is taught according to the Manchester Agreed Curriculum for Religious Education (SACRE).

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    Sex and Relationships Education

    The Governors have agreed a Sex and Relationships Education Policy for our school and it is available upon request to the school. This forms part of each student’s curriculum.


  • Design, Create and Perform (DCP)

    To develop students with an ability to; take risks in their approach to learning, have confidence in developing and creating innovative ideas and outcomes, and to be resilient when facing creative challenges.

  • Digital Technolgies and Business

    The Faculty vision is to empower young women to achieve outstanding qualifications so they can become leaders in the digital and business economy.

  • English

    We are passionate about all our students exploring, experiencing and mastering the rich tapestry of skills and knowledge that studying English has to offer. Through the study of communication skills, literary texts, cultural connections and the constantly changing use of language, we aim to equip students with confidence and curiosity for the world around them and beyond.

  • Global Awareness

    Inspiring students to embrace a thirst for knowledge about the world around them – people, places, traditions, values and beliefs. Empowering students to challenge ignorance and adopt positive values that could have a global impact.

  • Inclusion Writing

    Inclusion and SEN

    We work with students and their parents/carers to make it possible for every young person to participate fully in their education and to secure strong academic progress and personal outcomes and to enable individual students to learn effectively with greater independence.

  • Mathematics

    We endeavour; through a well-designed curriculum and consistently high quality lessons; to ensure that every student can maximise their potential in Maths, develop their problem solving skills which will enable them to deal with many real-life situations and discover a genuine interest in the subject.

  • Physical Education

    Developing and improving the understanding and practice of a healthy, active lifestyles through Physical Education and Sport.

  • Science and Discovery

    In the Science Faculty we aim to inspire students to discover the wonder of Science through both practical and academic aspects, stimulate debate, develop a critical approach to scientific evidence and ignite students passion to learn in all three disciplines.

  • Social Sciences and Community Learning

    The Social Sciences and Community Learning Faculty offer a wide range of interesting, engaging and exciting courses at Key Stage 4. Students enjoy learning new subjects that they have never studied before and they are very popular with students.

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    World Languages

    To empower young women with the linguistic and communicative skills to help them to take an active role as leaders in our multi-cultural society.