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Collaborative Coding with Frog Education

Whalley Range hosted a special coding event delivered by our friends over at Frog Education (the developers of our school’s Learning Platform).

Students from various local schools, including Levenshulme High School and Saint Paul’s, came together for a day fully dedicated to coding and women in technology. Experts from Frog Education (including some of their web developers) ran various engaging exercises for aspiring student coders.

Students were given tasks to complete in groups including wireframe designs for their own app/site ideas, which they then presented to the Frog panel. After a quick lunch break students were given the opportunity to put questions forward to Frog’s technical experts before moving on to the nitty-gritty part of the day; coding in HTML and CSS. After a few code demonstrations the groups got to work on developing their own websites in Frog to promote and market their app/site.

At the end of the day prizes were awarded for each of the exercises, one for the best presentation (which went to a group of Whalley Range students) and a prize for the best coding attempt (which went to a team from Saint Paul’s).

Throughout the day all of the groups worked exceptionally hard, finishing the day off as budding young web developers. Amber Oxley, School Relations Manager at Frog, praised the students for their application:

It was so impressive to see the level of skill that these young ladies have already gained and that they are already looking into futures in technical roles, which in the past have not always traditionally seen women move into. Our staff really enjoyed the day with the girls and they hope to have inspired them to look into careers like Web Development and Computing. It’s really important to a business like Frog that we nurture women in this sector, so let’s hope the girls from Whalley Range can be our future coders at Frog HQ!

We’d like to thank all of the participating schools, and our friends at Frog Education, for making this event a great success.

Whalley Range students won the award for best presentation