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BBC School Report 2014

Students made the news for real on Thursday 27th of March 2014 as part of the BBC News School Report Day.

Schools from around the country take part in the BBC News School Report Day, which has been running since 2006. Please check out the video on this page (later today), we hope you enjoy our news production.

The team have worked well together creating their report on fashion. They had a lot of fun whilst doing it but worked equally as hard. They learnt a lot about their own culture as well as other cultures in the school. Ms Amir and Miss Shakeshaft

School Report Team

  • Aisha (Lead Anchor),
  • Safiya (Lead Anchor),
  • Alishba (Reporter),
  • Arena (Reporter),
  • Yasmin (Reporter).

Thank You Message

We would like to extend our thanks to the following people without whom this report would not have been possible:

  • Miss Wilkinson for giving up her time to be interviewed about last years school fashion show, and for her expert views on fashion
  • A selection of students who volunteered to be interviewed by our reporters
  • Emma Till, our BBC mentor, for her help and support
  • Mr Corney and Mr Taylor for their invaluable expertise, their proficiency and for giving up their time to help us put this report together
  • Miss Shakeshaft and Ms Amir for giving us the chance to participate and for working alongside us every week, supporting us to put our news report together