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SIMS Parent App

An easy way to keep track of your daughter’s progress in school.

As a way of making it easier for you to track your daughter’s progress and attendance, you can download the SIMS Parent App for your smartphone.

The app will allow you to:

  • Track attendance
  • Have instant access to progress reports
  • Monitor any behaviour concerns and gold awards
  • Keep the school up to date with any changes to your contact details

Step 1 – You will receive an email from SIMS Online inviting you to use the service. Please sign up using your existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft account (do not choose the ‘SIMS ID’ option as this is not supported). If you haven’t received the email please contact us at parentapp@wrhs1118.co.uk

Step 2 – Download the app from the Apple App Store (for iPhones) or Google Play Store (for Android phones). The app can also be accessed at www.sims-parent.co.uk from any computer, tablet or smartphone.

Step 3 – Sign into the app using the same existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft account you used to sign up.

There will be support at the partnership evenings and student-led academic tutorials to help you with any difficulties you may have.

Please note: School staff cannot help you reset your password, as this is done via Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft. Please do not use the ‘SIMS ID’ option when logging in, as this is not supported.

Example screenshot of the SIMS Parent App