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Extra Curricular

We actively encourage students to take part in a range of Extra Curricular activities which helps them grow into confident, independent adults.

We expect our Sixth Form students to gain valuable experience by working with form groups in the main part of the school.

Clubs and Societies

Students are actively encouraged to participate in clubs and societies including debating, sport teams, drama, music groups and the Sixth Form Action Committee.

Leadership Skills

Many opportunities arise in our school for students to mentor younger members of our community for example helping them to improve their reading and literacy skills. This will help them grow into confident adults who can communicate effectively with all age groups which are skills looked for by employers.


Fund raising is important at Whalley Range High School and the Sixth Form charity is proactive in supporting both local and overseas charities. Last year students raised money by holding coffee mornings, sponsored events and making things to sell at the school’s Enterprise Market.

Work Experience and Voluntary Work

Students have the opportunity to carry out a week of work experience at the end of Year 12 This provides them with the time to explore potential career pathways and to identify the skills needed for employment such as time management, being organised, being a good communicator in a variety of forms, and good interpersonal skills.