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Faculty Leaders

There are leadership roles available in all faculty areas giving students the opportunity to lead in areas where they wish to develop focused skillsets. For example, if you were interested in becoming an entrepreneur and building up commerce skills you could become a Business and Enterprise Leader.

Faculty Leadership Teams

These roles help students develop softer skills which are not measured in examinations but are essential for life at college, university and in employment:

  • Business and Enterprise,
  • English,
  • Global Awareness,
  • Maths,
  • Social Sciences,
  • World Languages,
  • Inclusion,
  • Design Create and Perform,
  • and Science.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Support the faculty during events such as Open Evening
  • Be an excellent role model and promote the faculty
  • Assist other students and staff in that practice
  • Wear the correct uniform at all times
  • Mentor students struggling to make progress in subject areas through peer mentoring
  • Keep abreast of subject specific developments and present them to the student body in assemblies
  • Run clubs throughout the year on behalf of faculty staff
  • Sixth Form Subject Leaders may act as a teaching assistant for KS3 students as part of their responsibilities