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Head Girl elected Manchester representative for Youth Parliament

As part of her role with the Manchester Youth Council, we’re delighted to announce that Remsha has been elected to represent Manchester in the youth parliament for the next year.

Each year, two representatives are chosen and this was the first time that two women have been elected. On the day of the elections numerous organisations, youth clubs and schools sat down to hear speeches from the candidates about their suitability for the role. Following a tough process, Remsha was elected alongside Whalley Range Alumni, and former head girl, Sumayah.

Remsha was delighted to be appointed following the vote. She said:

The youth of Manchester does not ask for a lot. Just that they are valued, heard and respected. That the people in power not only hear us but actually take necessary actions to meet our requirements. What each young person is, is revolutionary. Making a difference here and now. What organisations like the Youth Council are, is evolutionary. Making sure those differences are here to stay. When revolutionary meets evolutionary, that’s when real change can happen. I believe I am that change.

We would like to congratulate Remsha and Sumayah and look forward to the positive impact they can have on the future of our city. You can find out more by following the Manchester Youth Council on twitter.

Sumayah (left) and Remsha (right) pictured at a Manchester Youth Council event. Photo courtesy of: Manchester Youth Council